Trees are essential to our environment, providing us with oxygen, food and shelter. However, when a tree is damaged or diseased, it can become dangerous and needs to be treated by an expert – a tree surgeon. In this article, we’ll look at why you should hire a professional tree surgeon instead of attempting to do it yourself. We’ll explore the potential risks of DIY tree surgery and the advantages of hiring a qualified professional.

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Safety: Why it’s Dangerous to DIY

Attempting to DIY tree cutting or removal is dangerous and could lead to serious injuries or even death. Tree surgeons are experts who have undergone training, acquired experience, and possess the necessary equipment to handle tree cutting, pruning, and removal. They also know how to approach different situations that may arise during the process.

One significant risk associated with DIY tree cutting is falling from a height while attempting to climb or trim branches.

Qualifications: Professional Necessary

Hiring a professional tree surgeon to care for your trees is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, tree surgery requires specialised knowledge and techniques that can only be gained through proper education and training. A professional tree surgeon is qualified to identify potential problems with your trees, assess their condition, and recommend the best course of action.

Additionally, tree surgery can be dangerous work, especially when dealing with large trees or those located in confined spaces. Professional tree surgeons have the necessary equipment and safety gear to ensure their safety and that of your property and loved ones.

Costs: Money vs Risk

Hiring a professional tree surgeon involves costs that some homeowners may find too expensive. However, when weighing money versus risk, the latter should always prevail. Tree surgery is a highly specialised task requiring extensive knowledge and experience in handling delicate equipment and potentially dangerous situations. The risks involved in climbing tall trees or using heavy machinery are not worth the potential savings from DIY attempts.

Moreover, tree surgeons have insurance coverage to protect themselves and their clients against accidents or property damage during the job. Without such coverage, homeowners who attempt to do it themselves risk facing a hefty bill for any damages they cause.

Benefits: Expert Care & Pruning

Maintaining trees can be challenging and risky, especially for individuals needing more expertise and equipment to prune or remove them. In this regard, hiring a tree surgeon is crucial in ensuring your trees are well cared for. Tree surgeons have specialised skills and knowledge in examining and diagnosing different types of trees, identifying potential hazards before they occur, and providing practical solutions to keep your garden safe.

Furthermore, expert care ensures that the health of your trees is maintained while enhancing their aesthetic value. Pruning helps to remove deadwood or diseased branches that may affect the overall health of your tree. A professional arborist will assess each tree individually before trimming it to maintain its shape while eliminating any hazardous branches. Lastly, pruning enhances air circulation by allowing light into the canopy, which results in healthy growth.


Investing in a professional tree surgeon may seem like an additional expense, but it is vital for the safety of yourself and your property. Hiring a qualified arborist or tree surgeon ensures that you get quality results worth the investment in aesthetics, functionality, and safety for years to come.

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